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October 6th 2018, 4:00pm. Traci and I packing up the last few things from our inaugural gravel bike race called the Nasty Pulaski. We developed this race for many reasons but when it comes right down to it we are both athletes and like being around like minded people. The timing company that we used for the race was and still is a wonderful couple that we have known for years as they timed a lot of events that we had participated in.They had let us know they were selling their timing equipment because he had taken a job in another state and she was staying here continuing to run her law firm. Traci and I did not think a thing about it. Then about a week later I start contacting other timing companies here in Missouri. We quickly realized that we may be in trouble in 2019. All the companies we contacted were either booked for that date or they were way out of our price range. Remember this was our first year, we had 34 riders. That does not equate to $1800 for a timing company.

Dave Business Bio

I am a retired Army veteran; I believe in helping improve the community in which I live. I have been on the board of directors for Pulaski County Tourism, chamber of commerce, and the board of realtors. I have also served as chairman of the local chapter of Ducks Unlimited. Any day that I can work with my hands is a great day.

Dave Athletic Bio

As a military veteran I have always been active but until I went to Cozumel in 2013 and watched firsthand the 70.3 Ironman did, I realize that I wanted to accomplish more with my body, mind, and money… Since then I have completed the 70.3 Redman Triathlon, in OKC, and the 70.3 Toughman in Indiana in 69-degree open water temps.

Traci Business Bio

Former Marine and Soldier with a love of community. I have been a member of several local organizations and affiliated with the Missouri Eastern Stars, and the International Order of Rainbow for Girls for the last 15 years.

Traci Athletic Bio

I have always been athletic and a runner at heart but expanded out into road cycling which was amazing because I could spend so much more time riding than I could running. I love the long workout. In 2013 David and I went to Cozumel and witnessed the 70.3 Ironman and until then hadn’t seen something so raw and fun. I found a new love and completed the 70.3 Redman Triathlon, in OKC, and the 70.3 Toughman in Indiana in 69-degree open water temps.

One of the reasons Traci and I get along so well is money, she gets all of it. She knows I am not afraid to work hard for it but she also knows I am not afraid to pull the trigger on a high dollar purchase. We are both prior military and I like to think we both have a strong and honest work ethic. But we both know she is the one that has the final approval on any high end ticket item, even if I do kick and stomp my feet when I don’t get my way. As the week turns into 2 weeks we still have no luck finding someone to time our event. Did I mention how smart I am? Anyhow “WE” come up with this idea that we will purchase the timing equipment from our friends and time our own race.

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All I can say is, Race Director and Timing Company at the same time DON’T. I say that with a smile but it is a challenge and it helps we have a lot of friends and volunteers. Ok so we make the call and we purchase the equipment. We scraped together the cash, even using our Christmas savings to top it off. The joke was Merry Christmas I bought you a timing company. Little did we know this purchase triggered lots of 3:30am mornings followed by long hot, wet or cold hours of work. As we were picking up the equipment he is trying to show me a few things with the system but being a guy, I was like yep yep I got it thinking the entire time this can’t be that hard. Boy was I wrong, as we started to learn the system and equipment we quickly realized that we don’t learn in the same way so I abandoned her so she could be all she can be (Army thing). Traci seems to, wait no not seems Traci does everything she is a rock star. I on the other hand am like her roadie. I do 99% of the set up and tear down of the equipment while she runs the databases which pretty much include online and morning of registration, collecting chip reads during the race and providing final stats to race directors.

That’s how it all started, we thought we would time our own race and that made me happy. Then Traci reminds me we need to make money to pay back the money we used to purchase the equipment. See how she thinks? I would have never come up with that. In my mind I spent the money, we both have jobs and we will make more. So needless to say we started timing other races. We found that same endorphin release at every event we timed. We know being around athletes competing makes us feel good. We also know we enjoy helping others putting events together and all the challenges that goes in that basket.

We may not be the biggest company in MO. but we promise if you are one of our family of race directors whether first time or year after year we will do our very best to make sure your event is a success.

What Clients Are Saying

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David and Traci are amazing to work with! I planned my first 5K and they were extremely helpful throughout the entire process. Everything… -- Maggie West Heidbrink

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Excellent people who work hard to make timed events successful. Topnotch and professional! -- Tina Miller Rowden

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Best timing company anywhere!!!! -- Melissa Martinez



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