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  • The short answer is – not as much as you might expect.  The reality is that each event has its own unique qualities, so it’s difficult to provide an exact quote until after we discuss the details of the event in question.

  • We are based in Waynesville Missouri.  We service the Central Missouri area. Really it comes down to the fact that we love being a part of competitive sport events and we’ll go anywhere to do it!

  • There is no minimum size. We will do as much advertising on social media to increase the size of your event.

  • Immediate real time results, several backups in our system to avoid errors.

  • Yes we supply bibs that are designated especially for our equipment and bear our name: Gasconade River Timing and Logo.

  • We recommend online pre registration through itsyourrace.com for your event. We set this up for you and

  • No. We do triathlons, multi-sport segment races, mountain bike, cyclocross races, road bike, and any competitive sport.

  • We have and will continue to work at a reduced rate for some charity events every year. At Gasconade River Timing LLC, we believe in supporting good causes and strong communities.

  • No problem.  We care about the start just as much as the finish.  Most races have minor delays in actual start time.  We adjust to the need at the time and then generate results accurate to one thousandth of a second for every athlete.  Often races have wave offsets by division or even participant.  Some race directors may prefer to let slower athletes start sooner than the rest to help them complete a course by the cutoff time. We do not leave until all athletes have completed the course.

  • Yes. We are capable of timing race series and track meets.

  • Races are different for many reasons.  We can adapt to your event. You don’t have to adapt to us.

  • Yes. We can handle as many split locations that you require.

  • Yes. We’ll send the data in any format you desire.  We will always have the results on Itsyourrace.com and a link on Gasconade River Timing website. We recommend creating a link on your site that goes to your dedicated results page on our site. Athletes can print a finisher certificate from itsyourrace.com.

  • Yes. We use a Snapshot photo system that integrates with our chip timing system.  Our camera equipment is accurate to one thousandth of a second and is integrated with the athlete’s finish.

  • We need a couple of weeks at minimum to prepare our equipment for your race.  We have many race directors who have asked for assistance in planning and preparation with their event and have appreciated our insight and input for your specific needs.

  • Yes. We're in the event management business for a reason, we have many connections in the industry and have learned some of the best practices to make your event a success. We know graphic designers and Shirt Producers to help you with event shirts.

  • Yes, Results are integrated with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

  • Yes, Finisher certificates are downloadable for all finishers on Itsyourrace.com

  • We have a system for timing events using RFID (radio frequency identification) based transponders (often referred to as 'chips' or 'tags') that each athlete wears on a bib (disposable), attached to a shoe or worn on an ankle band that we supply. For example, road races or mountain bike races typically opt for the disposable bib chip, triathlons and duathlons like the reusable ankle band chips, and cross country meets prefer the reusable shoe chips.

  • When an athlete's chip passes through the detection cloud generated by the special rectangular mat antennae, it 'wakes up' and emits an identification code that is passed to a collection device (called a reader) that is attached to the mat by special wires. This code is timestamped in the reader and then sent to a computer for further use. In order for all this to work, the registration database has to know what bib is associated with each chip ID.

  • Running/Walking – Small, medium and large races over common or uncommon distances such as 1 mile, 2 mile, 3 mile, 5K, 4 mile, 8K, 5 mile, 10K, 12K, 15K, 10 mile, half-marathon, 25K, 30K, marathon, etc. Innovative Timing software is very flexible, and can handle special categories, relay teams, many varieties of team scoring, etc.

    Multisport – Adult/child Triathlons (e.g., swim-bike-run, canoe-bike-run), Duathlons (e.g., run-bike-run), and similar events. Most races ask us to provide 5 splits, 3 splits or, occasionally, just an overall time for each finisher (this is always the least expensive option, and is often appropriate for casual or young kids' races).

    Relays – Whether run separately, such as an Ekiden, or as part of another event, such as a triathlon, duathlon, or half/full marathon.

    Cross Country – National, College, High School, Elementary School races (sectionals, invitational, conference, etc.). We are usually able to upload results before the coaches leave for home, and sometimes will upload results during a race so people interested in the action can watch on the web from wherever they are.

    Mountain Bike – Mountain bike races, where bikers ride one or more laps around a particular course. Naturally, our equipment also records lap times for riders, which is also helpful in case a rider misses a turn and rides a much shorter loop than what was intended. Our bib chip (4.25 inches square) works well for mountain bike races.

    Canoe/Kayak – Canoe and kayak races, separately or in combination with a multisport event (think canoe/bike/run triathlon!).

    Miscellaneous – Stair climbs and other events.

    Fast/Accurate: We provide custom lists of award winners for your award ceremony, so your award announcers and workers know who gets what award.

    Price: We are professional and very reasonably priced. We typically charge a fixed price per set up, per entrant, plus mileage and lodging (if needed), for all races except school cross-country meets using shoe chips. For these we charge a flat rate for the entire meet, plus lodging.

    Registration Assistance – If your group is handling pre-race registration, we often help with questions you have about packet pickup. For races that are using Its Your Race online registration we will have a kiosk for morning registration that is seamlessly integrated to our Timing software. Race Planning Assistance – We offer Event planning assistance and can guide you through the ups and downs of race management. We work with your people so that they understand the timing process, and we train them where needed. If you need help with your race, feel free to ask. If we can't provide an answer, we most likely can find someone who will. Many folks find that this alone is worth hiring us for!

    Transition/Finish Area Training – We like to train the workers at least one hour prior to the start of the race. For large events, we like to train most of the volunteers the day before the event, and we like to communicate with the person in charge of the finish area so the process is smooth on race day.

    Volunteer Job Descriptions – Well before race day, we can provide an Its Your Race site just for your volunteers to register in. You provide the detailed written descriptions for the different positions needed, so each potential volunteer will know when, where, and what they can expect to be doing at the race, and how much of their time it will take.

    Reports – We like to post tentative results during the race, which we typically separate by gender, by teams and by categories. We are athletes also, so we know that athletes like to see how they did. We also want athletes to tell us of any anomalies they find in these early result postings (for example, spouses or friends wearing each other's bib number, incorrect birth dates and/or ages, mis-assigned genders, people that finished but are not in the results, Clydesdales/Athenas who forgot to check the box, people who started in a later/earlier wave than the one they were assigned to, etc., etc.). For USAT sanctioned triathlons, we also like to post a set of results with all penalties included so that the athletes can see their adjusted time and place as well and possibly contest the penalty as well.

    Award Listings – To make handing out awards as simple as possible, we prepare custom reports that show who the top people or teams are in each award category. Multisport events often have special awards for professional or elite athletes, and Clydesdales/Athenas. Many races do not allow athletes who win an overall, an overall masters or a special category award to also win a sex/age group award. For cross-country races, we typically score 5 runners per team, with 7 displacing, but we can handle many other types of situations, such as showing the top 20 individuals who were not a member of the first 5 teams at a regional or sectional meet and who would advance to the next meet.

    Mountain bike races typically have a variety of categories of riders, who must complete a required number of laps to be eligible for awards.

    Web Results – Results will be uploaded to www.itsyourrace.com after the race, athletes with Internet access can get their official time immediately after they finish. This also cuts down on the number of people who call after the race to ask for their results. Please be sure to mention this in the materials you give to the athletes. We provide our own internet and upload all athlete results as they finish.

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